What Is The Appropriate Response Gun Violence In Today's Society ?

What Is The Appropriate Response Gun Violence In Todays Society ?

Field: Engineering – Civil Engineering

  • 800-1,000 words in MLA format (not including Works Cited page)
  • 3-4 academic sources
  • Proper Works Cited page
  • Effective Essay Organization:
  • Introduction with a clear thesis statement
  • Body paragraphs with clear topic sentences, specific details, and logical connections to thesis
  • Effective and varied transitional words and phrases to connect ideas
  • Conclusion that reiterates thesis and answers the “so what?”
  • Clear background and counterargument paragraphs before your major points of evidence to showcase the issue fully
  • Properly integrated and cited source material that logically supports the thesis
  • Proper use of spelling, grammar, and punctuation; no first or second person

Exploratory essay attached below taking side of stricter gun control because of gun violence
The four sources are in work cited page on attached file


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