Violent crimes in the United States

Violent crimes in the United States

have many requirements

– I want to talk about males .
– 4 academic journal sources ( the minimum years is 2010 ), 2 online sources and a book ( I need all sources in real, you need to find the book in CWRU third floor so I can check it out )

7 Pages , double spaces , Times new roman 12 font and left justified ..
I have three majors points and two minros per major, so if you can work on it will be great!!
B. Trauma
-Drug use
A. increase the rate of drugs
B. Alcohol
– Opportunity of guns
A.Gang street
B. easy to find guns

if you want to change some of them, or if you want to change all of them, it is fine

– I have a book which is talk about “Gang Street” so if you can use it as a source, I will be appreciated ! the name of the book is ‘ heinous crime cases, causes and consequences’ by Frederic G. Reamer

– at least two quotations and the maximum is four
– Basic vocabulary
– First page is Outline, last page is Works cited

the research paper is for ELS Language Center..


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