urban science

Sustainable Development Project Outline

For the first step in the Development Project Paper, each student or pair of students will submit an outline detailing the topic and major points of emphasis for the paper. The outline should include the following points.

1. Topic

2. Strategy for gathering information

3. Areas of interest, what do you intend to cover (if working in a team, along with preliminary assignment of duties of each member of the team – put names in parenthesis after each item in the list)

4. Members can be assigned to do interviews or take pictures or talk to professionals at CRA – Whatever it is try to document on this assignment.

Critical points to remember:

  • every group needs to give an overview of the part of the project that they will focus on,
  • there are multiple goals of the project and it is important to focus relatively narrowly so that you develop expertise

Outline Basic Format:


I. Development Description

II. Purpose of the Development – What were the goals of the development

III. Snapshot of the Neighborhood

a. Demographics (description of the population)

b. Economic Development characteristics

c. Social Capital

IV. Environmental (potential) Impacts

V. Overall Impacts of the Development on the neighborhood

a. Provide Evidence (i.e. # of jobs, housing value, tax revenue, community perceptions)


A list of the above outline is not acceptable, each student or pair is required to add descriptive sentences about the development project that has been chosen



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