The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Business

Learning Journal

Learning Journal
Make one original posting and two responses.  
The bottom line is that you are to present FIVE “takeaways” from your learning in the class this week. These takeaways should all relate in some way to what you are learning in this class,   Be sure to clearly identify the reading you are referring to in your takeaway.
This is intended to be a reflective process, so each of your five takeaways should be explained in its own paragraph, using full sentences.  If something is interesting or useful to you, try to explain why.  Connections to the readings.
Responses: I realize that original responses may be hard to come up with sometimes, but strive for more than just agreement — add new meaningful information or a thoughtful response to the conversation.
Spelling, capitalization, and grammar count!  Also, all posts and responses should be courteous and professional.
One last requirement: provide a descriptive SUBJECT line (not “Week #1 Takeaways”).  Consider this a ‘heading’ to your content to grab the attention of your peers.  You can just pick a highlight from one of your takeaways or provide an overall summary.
Readings Attached
The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Business  This is a brief overview of “GIS in Business” that was presented at an academic conference.  Provides an overview of the major uses of GIS in Business (at this time) along with some perspective on the need for more research relating to GIS in Business.
Speak the Same Language Making a compelling case for GIS to business executives

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