The Impacts of marketing iPhone on Consumer Behaviors

At the era of rising product and service commoditization and choice, branding has proved to be simple and effective way for businesses to penetrate the clutter. Brands are progressively satisfying people’s necessities through identification and affiliation- the desires that conventional marketers are straining to match. Since branding may make or break the product service, the marketer concern in handling the product should match artisans care on their pieces. Because every brand has and possesses image and identify respectively, their communication should be executed with effectiveness towards the targeted group. Brand acts like a promise to the company; hence, a trusted one reduces customers’ perceived risk together with post-purchase cognitive discord. Thus, through promotions, organizations are conveying and instilling specified identities and images of brands. This research paper reviews the impact of iPhone marketing on consumer behaviors as influenced through motivation, involvement and personality, communication, perception and positioning.


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