the effectiveness of Spokes of Hope’s social media content on Twitter

Social Media Campaign

Design a social media campaign plan that the organization can follow. Spokes of Hope’s primary goals are to increase the number of people talking about the organization and to increase the number of donations they receive. They hope to reach a very large audience without having to use too many social media platforms. They are also hoping the campaign will increase their number of supporters in the following demographics:
Income of above $75,000
Since Spokes of Hope wants to reach a specific audience, it will be essential to effectively use social media analytics to inform your plan.
Include the following sections in your plan:
1. Goals and Objectives
a. Set specific goals and objectives of the social media campaign.
b. Demonstrate that the plan’s goals and objectives are aligned with Spokes of Hope’s primary goals.
2. Metrics and Analysis
a. Define which metrics will be tracked to measure success throughout the campaign.
b. Analyze the graphs in the Project Resources about Spokes of Hope’s social media accounts. Explain how each metric (reach, engagement, and conversion) is measured, and what each means to Spokes of Hope.
3. Audience
a. Define your audience and describe how they use social media. Support your descriptions with demographic data from the Project Resources, or your own research.
4. Social Media Platforms
a. Select which social media platforms will be used.
b. Explain why these platforms are the best choices for your target audience.
5. Messaging
a. Identify which key messages will be sent and which will not. Support this by using the Topics Sentiment chart in the Social Media Graphs document. In particular, describe which topics:
· Are the most positive.
· Are the most negative.
· Are the most polarizing (both positive and negative).
b. Analyze the effectiveness of Spokes of Hope’s social media content on Twitter using the data in Project Resources. What works well and why? What does not work well and why?
c. Identify the best times to deploy content on social media for Spokes of Hope’s audience.
d. Describe what strategies Spokes of Hope should follow to make engaging content.
· Describe how Spokes of Hope can leverage “viral” content.
· Describe how Spokes of Hope can effectively use “memes.”
Throughout your campaign plan, be sure to give justifications for your decisions. Draw support from the Project Resources, including guidelines, audience data, and Spokes of Hope’s own social media metrics. All sources of information and media should be appropriately cited.

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