The Cuckoo’s Egg by Cliff Stoll

The Cuckoo’s Egg by Cliff Stoll

The book “the cuckoo’s egg” by cliff Stoll has three main themes. The first theme has to do with what we can call transformation. Transformation is a recurring theme which we constantly encounter as wade in the story, his metamorphosis from a high flying astronomer into a successful computer security expert provides us with the first transformation in the story. As he chases a hacker from California all the way to German who was illegally accessing a number of military computer systems we get a great deal of transformational episodes. This transformation is better captured in the first line in the story more than in any other, the words “me, a wizard? Until a week ago, I was an astronomer”, according to this sentence Stoll was an astronomer who was proud of his profession, which was until he was transferred in the computer center at the Keck Observatory from the Lawrence Berkeley Lab in the same place. According to Stoll this was a demotion that he was ready to take instead of waiting in the employment line like is normally the norm.

The second theme in the story is the technical detail of the computer security system together with its basic understanding. This story takes a reader through a labyrinth of computer networks and technical connection that characterized the Lab. After going through this book one is left more informed concerning security computer security systems.


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