The Case of the Green Widgets

The case of Green Widgets presents a case of ineffective communication. Various words are troublesome in this situation. First, are the words by Grayson addressed to Stella who is supposed to convey them to Derek. The words “negative inventory reduction”, “paradigm shift”, “truncated procurement status” are relatively technical and would best be understood by someone with exposure to this kind of words. Stella does not understand the meaning of these words and therefore does now know what to communicate to Derek.
An example of the six functions of non-verbal communication (Non-Verbal Communication). NVC has six major functions; accent, compliment, contradict, regulate, repeat or substitute for verbal communication (Drafke, 2009, p. 82). In the case of Green widgets, the NVC function of regulating comes out very clearly. The interaction in the office between Stella and Grayson depicts the regulating function of NVC. Grayson depicts a disinterested look, going on with his business of catching fish while talking to Stella. This in effect controls the course of the conversation (Drafke, 2009, p. 83). This disinterest shows without doubt that Grayson is in control and in addition, the NVC plays a regulating function in that Stella’s contribution is not encouraged. Stella’s position in the office plays a complementing function to the spoken message. Sitting with her back straight but not against the wall indicate the authority difference between her and Grayson essentially reinforcing the aspect that the two have unchallenged authority relationship (Drafke, 2009, p. 82).


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