Term Paper: Why are the men of the 2nd World War considered to be the Greatest Generation?

United States has an extremely extensive and intricate history. The sub-sections that it is divided into give evidence of its past; the circumstances that led to these sub-sections and the people involved in this period. Besides this, history does not only concern the citizens of America alone, but it also engages all populations from all over the world. In other words, the circumstances that face United States are likely to affect the whole world at large. An example is the great depression, which was a period of severe economic hardship that started in the United States and affected many Americans. This state of affairs later spread all over the world thus affecting millions of people. This great depression led to the Greatest Generation. The Greatest Generation is the United States citizens who endured the hardships of the great depression, and then went on to defend their country during theWorld War II. These citizens did a very commendable job defending their country and by extension, the entire world (Brokaw, 1998). This paper, therefore, seeks to highlight the reasons why the men and women of the World War II came to be known as the Greatest Generation.


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