Target Corporation

The company was founded in 1902. Its headquarter is in Minneapolis in Minnesota. The corporation operates in general merchandise stores in the United States. It offers household essentials, including beauty, pharmacy, personal care, cleaning, baby care and paper products like hardlines including electronics, music, movies, computer software, books, sporting, goods, video game software and hardware, toys, accessories and apparel comprising of apparel from boys, girls, women infants, intimate jewellary , shoes among many other products. The corporation also provides pet and food supplies, which consist of, dry grocery, frozen food, beverages, and snacks among many other products. The corporation sells its products under its merchandise products under its private label. It further, provides in store amenities or facilities to its customers. The corporation is estimated to have approximately 1750 stores in operation in United States, operating in 49 states and in the Columbia district under super target and target names. The corporation also offers its merchandise services to its clients through a website ( Therefore, customers can easily order and access to a wide array of services the company produces and offers. Other channel in which it distributes its merchandise is through direct selling, third party and through a network of distribution centers. The company performance is positive. In 2010, the corporation recorded a net income of $ 2,920,000 an increase from what was recorded in 2009 of $ 2,488,000.


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