Social and Cultural Autopsy

Define Social and Cultural Autopsy of a Famous, Dead Person………..





Quality of sources/refs for telling us about your ‘dead celebrity’ do not matter. Reference your information, but we do not really care where you get this information from.


Your review of the public health/sociology literature that provides empirical evidence linking demographic and social/cultural characteristics to health-behaviours and outcomes DOES require recent, high-quality, peer-reviewed journal articles that are CORRECTLY referenced in APA style.


You can select the key/salient demographic characteristics of your celebrity that you want to analyse in relation to health, but these are two quite distinct sections – ie celebrity profile, then a review of the public health literature.


You may choose to reflect on your celebrity’s morbidity and mortality in your literature review, but it is probably better to leave this to the ‘reflection’ section.


You can find books/historical documents as well to ensure that you capture ‘what life/political/social conditions were like at the time of their life and death.’ Temporality is an important consideration when analysing links between sociology and public health.


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