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“Dracula’s Guest” by Bram Stoker at







“Good Friday” by F. Paul Wilson in your 999 text


“Hemophage” by Steven Spruill in your 999 text







Identify the setting for each of the three required stories. Discuss in a sentence or


two how important each is to its respective storyline. You will not receive credit if


you just write: “The setting plays a crucial part in all of these stories.” A good way


to think about this is to ask, “If this story took place somewhere else at a different


time, would it still be as effective as a horror story?”




For each of the three required vampire stories sum up in one word how you


would describe the atmosphere (the overall mood). Each story will have its own


answer. The options are endless but give a sentence or two explaining why you


came up with your word. You will not receive credit if you take the easy way out


and write, “They were all dark.”



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