secretory cells and myoepithelial cells

secretory cells and myoepithelial cells

1. Explain the purpose of secretory cells and myoepithelial cells in the mammary gland. (2 pts.)

2. List the percent of world milk supply provided by the following species. (2 pts.)



3. Give one reason that understanding animal behavior would be important for someone working with animals. (1 pt.)

4. Where is the most effective position to work animals relative to their flight zone? (1 pt.)

5. List one design feature of handling facilities that improves animal movement. (1 pt.)

6. What is the term for the rate of illness that occurs in a group of animals? (1 pt.)

7. Identify each of the following as either a direct or predisposing cause of disease. (2 pts.)

Bacterial infection

Cold weather

Calcium deficiency

Handling stress

8. Which type of immunity is provided through colostrum? (1 pt.)

9. What is the purpose of a vaccine? (1 pt.)

10. What is the purpose of an anthelmintic? (1 pt.)

11. List the normal rectal temperature for each of the following animals. (2 pts.)





12. What is vertical integration? (1 pt.)


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