Save Money Britain’s macroenvironment

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Topic: Save Money Britain’s macroenvironment

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1. Write a report (1000 words maximum) to:

• Conduct an in-depth analysis using the PEST framework and discuss the potential impact of each factor on SaveBritianMoney (SBM), its policies and competitiveness in the marketplace.
• Evaluate how SBM might need to adapt and respond to the key market forces driving industry changes which are identified in the PEST analysis to maintain competitive advantage in the future.
• Based on your findings consider 3/4 appropriate recommendations for SBM’s future success.

2. Present the findings of the report via PowerPoint
• The report and the presentation will require synthesis of theoretical material and its practical application within the context of a given case organisation (50% weighting, equivalent to 1,000 words).
. The presentation should have a minimum of 7 slides: one for each of the PEST factors along with an introduction, recommendations and conclusion


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