October 25, 2006

the case was put forward with two complainants suing the Covina Rehabilitation Centre from what had been alleged to be neglect of the elderly and the dependent adults place in the care of the home.

Facts of the case

Sababin was a 38 year old woman who was dependent due to her suffering from Huntington’s chorea, a genetic disorder characterized by uncontrolled movements, progressive dementia, psychiatric problems and psychosis that is caused by the degeneration of the brain(Ashmann-Gerst, ?Boren, & Chavez, 2011). Generally, individuals suffering from this condition have loss of cognitive and mental functions. Due to the inability to move, the care center was supposed to give an all round care of the woman including checking her skin for any changes in skin color and infection due to pressure sores. AIDitionally, it was the duty of the Covina rehabilitation centre to ensure that the patients were treated in a dignified manner that upheld their rights.


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