Professional Writing in Petroleum Engineering

Topic: Professional Writing in Petroleum Engineering


This Memo serves to highlight the seven most important points to consider while writing a professional engineering paper. These points do not however emphasize unbreakable rules but rather serves to provide a guide to the expected standards that will serve you well in your profession as engineers. Writing has always been personal business which has no blue print hence once should use style that suits your comfort. But if you follow this steps as a as a guide you will always result to a well articulated professional paper

  1. 1.      Stick to the main points.

A professional engineering paper should always be void of irrelevances. Always give the main and important points that will help you make your point and drive it home. Writing irrelevant materials makes one create room for many contradictions and repetition of already stated points. Make a list of the important point and eliminate all minor points that are not necessary when arguing out your case.

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