Prepare a responsibility report for the Home Division.

ACC 560 Week 6 Assignment
Dinkle Manufacturing Company manufactures a variety of tools and
industrial equipment. The company operates through three divisions. Each
division is an investment center. Operating data for the Home Division
for the year ended December 31, 2008, and relevant budget data are as
Actual Comparison with Budget
Sales $1,500,000 $100,000 favorable
Variable cost of goods sold 700,000 60,000 unfavorable
Variable selling and administrative expenses 125,000 25,000 unfavorable
Controllable fixed cost of goods sold 170,000 On target
Controllable fixed selling and administrative expenses 80,000 On target
Average operating assets for the year for the Home Division were $2,500,000 which was also the budgeted amount.
(a) Prepare a responsibility report for the Home Division.
(b) Evaluate the manager’s performance. Which items will likely be investigated by top management?
(c) Compute the expected ROI in 2009 for the Home Division, assuming the following independent changes to actual data.
1. Variable cost of goods sold is decreased by 6%.
2. Average operating assets are decreased by 10%.
3. Sales are increased by $200,000, and this increase is expected to increase contribution margin by $90,000.


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