personnel and organization policy ip 2

To provide employees a proper understanding of what their job tasks and requirements are, the manager and company as a whole needs to fully understand the specifics of what is required of the position. This leads to a better job description.

Research a company’s job or position wanted posting and provide the following:

  1. List at least 3 elements of the job which would provide areas within the job description. 
  2. Define at least 1 of the job specifications or qualifications required to apply and fill the position.
  3. Based on your identification of the elements and qualifications provide an opinion as to whether the company has conducted a proper analysis of the particular job they are seeking to fill and whether they would be able to gather a pool of qualified applicants.

This Assignmet Objective is: Classify the Specific Methods for which Job Analysis, Design, Description, and Specification are Completed.


This Assignment Requires a Title Page, Abstract, At Least 800-1000 Word Body Part, Two or More Credible References. NO Introtroduction Or Conclusion are Needed! All Citings Where Necessary. PLAGIARISM FREE Is A MUST!


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