Partner Assignment: Follow the Steps Below

Partner Assignment: Follow the Steps Below
With a partner, exchange contact information.
Set up a time to meet and work on this assignment (in-person or online).
Choose a communication place etc., accommodate both students’ schedules.
Together, search online, FOX News or CNN (current articles).
Find a news article with a focus on legal consequences of communication.
Inside the article, content must be relatable to any chapter concept.
Post the URL to this article in this week’s discussion forum.
Along with the URL, write a brief overview of its content (2-3 lines).
Post ONE forum entry; place both partners’ names CLEARLY on the entry.
Review the article posts of other class partnerships.
Choose ONE of the OTHER article posts (not your own).
Write an article review about this choice.
(Further information is provided within this module at “Assignments.”)
Read Chapter 1: Understanding Business Communication
Article Review:
As partners, pick a news article from this week’s forum contributions to write an article review:
The first paragraph only, should provide an overview of the article’s content.
Identify the communication type(s) and/or channel(s) that are problematic.
Examine both you and your partner’s thoughts as they relate to this article’s legalities.
Define the ethical breeches that have occurred and how these relate to business.
Identify business communication processes that could have prevented this situation.
Conclude with a summary of how this information is important to students.
Don’t forget to add formal constructs to the document (i.e., citations, references, formats, etc.).
After the above seven elements have been explored, REVISE this document to include a design.
See the Module provided Workbook for design formats and information.
Submit the finished, designed document to Turnitin, one time only, with both partners’ names on it.


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