Occupation Health and Safety

Topic: Occupation Health and Safety

This can be done on any job but would like to keep it to retail job like JBhifi which is an electrict goods store. www.jbhifi,com.au

If you have trouble with getting information let me know or do it on your own workplace and Ill change it around if need.

Carry out a safety inspection at your own workplace (if not possible, then at a workplace where you can negotiate an access for the purpose of this exercise, such as a petrol station, a retail store or similar).

i) Identify the widest possible range of occupational hazards.

ii) For each occupational hazard identified by you, assess whether the current control strategies in place are adequate and satisfactory.

iii) If not satisfactory, propose improved control strategies for each such hazard.

all information needs to come from Australian references and all legal requirements need to be source from Australian Occupation health and Safety websites and also local Western Australian Occupation health and safety.

Make sure to only use current information regard legal requirements

Assignment instructions
For this assignment you are required to undertake research and if practical attempt to obtain Strategic and Operational Occupational Safety and Health Plans from organisations. Review the plans and assess how they compare against the researched statutory requirements.

The following resources will assist:
• Australain Occupational Safety & Health Legislation
• Internet addresses provided

Marking criteria
Application and an understanding of the key elements
Assignment flow and readability


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