Negotiations: additional assignment

Negotiations:  additional assignment

This assignment is addressed to those students, who were not able to participate in some classes in Negotiation course due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or life situations that that were out of student’s control.

This assignment has to be written in a form of an essay (bullet points are not accepted).   All parts of the assignment have to be properly addressed in the essay.   In order to improve the final grade, the essay should show:

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that the student understands the negotiation process,

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that he/she is familiar with the for principles of successful negotiations (which means showing, that he/she read the book and understands the four principles),

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and that she/he is able to critically evaluate the application of the principles to a chosen situation.

If the essay does not fulfil the above mentioned criteria, student will be graded solely on the basis of his/her class participation.


1. Find a negotiation situation in a fiction or documentary book (not a course book!) or a movie (fiction or documentary).

2. Describe the situation using the scheme we exercised during classes i.e.:

  • what was the reason for negotiation,
  • who were the parties,
  • what interests parties had,
  • what alternatives they had (and, if possible, what was their BATNA),
  • what were the issues in negotiations,
  • what criteria they proposed/used to find solutions,
  • what were parties’ offers,
  • what was relative power of parties and
  • what was the result of negotiations (in terms of solutions and relationship between parties).

3. Discuss and evaluate whether and how the four principles of negotiations described in the book ‘Getting to YES’ by Fisher, Ury and Patton were present in the negotiation analysed by you. 



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