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Your written responses should be approximately one-two paragraphs per question (i.e. 3-6 paragraphs total), but of course can be as long as you feel necessary to answer the questions adequately


DelSordi-2: Explain the complex relationship between “democratization,” capitalism and economic regulation. Explain the concept of the “cartel” party and how it limits our American version of democracy. Explain how the “mainstream,” corporate media controls the political process (you must provide at least one relevant example from the text).
process of “depoliticization” in recent years and what are the consequences of this change for American citizens?



Bellamy Foster, McChesney and Jonna (2011): Explain how the globalization of capitalism has lead to the creation of an industrial “reserve army” of workers. How does “offshoring” or the outsourcing of labor lead to “super-exploitation” of the global South? Explain this overall process by using “Iphone” production as an example


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