Motivation Assignment: “Management’s Dirty Little Secret”

According to the article, “Management’s Dirty Little Secret,” the author points out the important of organization to engage their employees in order to attain positive results. Managers are the people vested with this leadership role of ensuring that they engage their employees. Failure to demonstrate good leadership results to un-attainment of the organization goals as employees will lack a sense of direction.
Motivation in organization is therefore key in organizational operations. Managers need to motivate their employees by demonstrating good leadership. As a manager, to improve my employee engagement, in reference to theory Y, I will create an open environment for the employees to realize their innovations and interest. In ensuring that employees meet their interests, the traditional established culture will be made dynamic to allow employees explore their skills and knowledge. The management alone should not be the only organ making decisions and pass their verdict to the employees rather; the working environment should be dynamic and provide challenges to the employees. When employees feel challenged they feel self-directed, self-controlled and committed to the organizations objectives and goals. Employees like any individual love enjoying their work and what they can do better. Therefore, by allowing the employees to go an extra mile and undertake what they love, the rate of innovation and creativity will be enhanced leading to conception of better ideas that will elevate the organizations in terms of growth and development. This will make the organization perform better than its competitors as new ideas will be harnessed hence, bringing new and extraordinary developments. I believe that employees have an innovative spirit, and they accept and seek responsibilities that challenge them and go beyond their usual undertakings and therefore by inferring on this, I will engage my employees with their work.


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