In addition to guaranteeing flawless premium essays, we are determined to give you value for your money. Therefore, Premium Quality Essays has a comprehensive money back guarantee for unsatisfactory work. We know that when you come to us you expect, and indeed will receive impeccable work, but you will always have the final say.

As such, we are sensitive to such situation which cannot be amicable resolved through revisions. Nevertheless, to remain true to our ethical standards, money-back guarantees only apply in the situations set below:

  1. PQE guarantees 70% money-back when a writer has elapsed with more than half the time allocated by the client for a paid order to make up for the time lost.
  2. PQE will refund 100% of the paid order if the client cancels the paper before it has been allocated to a writer. (NB: However, any transaction charges will be borne by the client)
  • 100% of paid order will be refunded if the client, in the process of paying for the order, makes over-pays or makes double payment of the order.
  1. PQE systems will generate notification to the client in case of double payment and issue them with receipts for each payment.
  2. In the event (iv) above occurs, the client will be expected to present the receipts through the company email for verification and the processing of immediate refund.
  3. All complaints or unsatisfactory work should be made in writing, explaining the reason for dissatisfaction.
  • The refund will be processed within three days following the delivery of the paper
  • In PQE does not receive the refund request within two days, we will assume that the paper is satisfactory and no request will be received.
  1. The company reserves the rights to reject or accept any written requests depending on the strengths of the facts presented and in line with our terms and conditions.