Men & Women’s Health

Men & Women’s Health

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Men & Women’s Health

This module/week deals with men and women and their unique wellness characteristics. What are some differences in wellness approaches to both genders? What are some of the psychological aspects of coaching that will need to be aIDressed for each gender when coaching? Finally, aIDress some of the key factors involved in some of the barriers to living well for each of the genders. Use the lecture material and text for support.

While discussing some of the barriers to living well for each of the genders consider some of the possible similarities that can build bridges to living well for each of the genders.
In Him,

Please answer the whole question, not part of it. Thank you. And please use these books for references. Other references can be use, but make sure the writer use these books as well.

These are the books that are need for this topic are:
“Arloski, M. (2014). Wellness coaching for lasting lifestyle change (2nd ed.). Duluth, MN: Whole Person Associates Inc. ISBN: 9781570253218.

Travis, J. W. & Ryan, R. S. (2004). The Wellness workbook: How to achieve enduring health and vitality. (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Celestial Arts.
ISBN: 9781587612138


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