Mandatory drugs testingv

Teens or not teen, all citizens of the United States of America should be allowed to enjoy all the rights and freedoms dictated by the constitution with out any infringements. But this is an issue that many policy makers have and parents have choose to ignore in the name of protecting teens against drug abuse. This has become a lame excuse that many parent and policy makers in education use while it infringes the rights of the teens. Mandatory drugs testing come as a violation and intrusion into the life of teenagers in aIDition of the emotional affects that it has on their lives (Kaminedr pp 45). Yes it is true that drug use among teenagers has become very rampant and those who raise their concerns towards this issue might have the good interests of teens at heart but this should not be used to make generalizations that harass even the very innocent teens into unreasonable practices that only serve to torment them and down play their discipline and hornesty.

First of all the constitution of the United States to be more specific the fourth amendment has a clause that states that citizens have the right to their security in their person, homes and the effects against seizures and searches that are unreasonable should nevertheless violated. Conducting unlawful drug testing that are mandatory goes against these rights (Kaminedr pp 49). This therefore becomes very unconstitutional since not even warrants are issued. Mandatory drug testing leads to a situation where teens will be confined into rooms until they agree to supply a sample of blood, urine or hair for testing.


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