Main Stream Market

Main Stream Market

Target Market

The mainstream market for Point Two Airbag Safety Vests ranges from children to older people who participate in active sports that involve speed and need protection from opposing air. For our marketing campaign, we are going to focus on two target markets. Primarily, we are targeting families with kids learning horseback riding, and our secondary target market are college students learning or participating in horseback riding sport.

Primary Market As mentioned, our primary target market is for families with kids learning horseback riding. Around 10% US students attend private secondary schools, and a lot of good private schools pride themselves of having their own horse ranch. Also, over 12,000 summer camps offer horseback riding for recreational and/or instructional purpose. That is more than 43% of all summer camps.

After we raise awareness of the health benefits of horseback riding, we believe many more parents would send their kids in these camps and/or let them participate in this sport for recreational purpose. As a result, it would be promising to build partnerships with these school and camps so that they will suggest parents to buy the “best” and “safeties” air vests, namely Point Two, for their children. Moreover, if Point Two sells its vests through these school and camp and make the purchasing process easier for the parents, they will certainly be more likely to buy.

We are targeting these families with kids learning horseback riding because it is common knowledge that parents will “spare no expense” when it comes to their children’s safety. In sum, we believe, in this case, what motivates these parents to purchase our vest would be Point Two Airbag Safety Vests’ incomparable quality.

Secondary Market For our secondary market, we are targeting college and university students learning horseback riding. Many universities and colleges, such as the George Washington University, offers horseback riding courses. It is understandable that for recreational riders, Point Two Airbag Safety Vests are not as affordable as its competition, such as XXXX. Students with budget concerns would not purchase Point Two even with all its benefits and quality in mind. However, we see two exceptions in this situation.

First, more than likely, colleges and universities that offer horseback riding courses are private schools. In turn, many students in these schools do not have as much budget concerns; instead, they are more concerned of safety issues and status issues. The George Washington University for example, has a “rich-kid” reputation. In the Washington Post, Education Issue, it says, “a fashion blog has snapped more than one student carrying a $1,800 Chloé handbag, and $900 “Neverfull” Louis Vuitton tote bags.” Not that this is a great reputation for a university to retain, but it shows clearly that many kids would wear a pricy outfit or accessory to “show off”.  As a result, for riders in these schools, Point Two Airbag Safety Vests would make a very good accessory for them.

For the second situation, please note that most of those colleges and universities offering horseback riding courses have riders participating in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. The Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) was established in 1967, and it has grown and developed since. Nowadays, it is 37 regions in 8 zones with almost 400 colleges and universities in 45 states in the United States and Canada. The IHSA makes it its mission to promote healthy competition for riders of all skill levels. Riders can compete individually and/or as teams at regional, zone, and national levels. Therefore, for these riders who have hopes to become professional someday, they would really appreciate the expertise, safety, and status Point Two Airbag Safety Vests provide.

Positioning Statement

Our positioning statement for the mainstream target market is: Point Two Airbag Safety Vests are the only safety products made with the highest quality materials that protect against fatal injuries and inflate the fastest very time that provide the highest level of security for you and your family.

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Marketing Objective

The main objective is to increase the awareness of the need to use air vests. This is to increase the safety of the frequent users due to its unique design and the comfort it comes with. A great number of accidents have occurred and people have been badly injured due to lack of air vests. The Air vest is designed as a shock cushioning, soothing system, and giving aIDed shield to the neck, spine, lower back, collar bones, rib cage and vital organs.

The other objective is also to provide a product that is appealing to the eye. The air vest comes with a unique patented style and design. This not only keeps you safe but also makes you look good. The patented design allows the hit-air vest to expand when inflated, this allow it to be worn inconspicuously without compromise in safety.

We also aim to provide a product that provides comfort and not irritation. The Air vest is the airbag; it is not contained within a jacket, providing a significantly improved wear ability and freedom of movement.

Our major goal is to ensure that air vests are a need for the society.

An estimated of 7 million people participate in horseback riding every year in the US. That is 2.2% of the US population. As we can see, the mainstream market of safety air vest is rather limited because in general, just not that many people riding horses compare to other sports. There is space limitation first of all, and it’s hard for someone to possess the complete equipment for riding a horse, air vest included. That’s why in order to promote the Point Two air vest in the mainstream market; we need to also promote the benefits of riding a horse so that more and more people would participate in this sport and therefore increase the sell of Point Two air vest. The benefits of horse backing riding come physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Physically, horse riding develops balance and improves coordination and motor function. It also strengthens muscles, reflex acceleration, prevents muscle cramps, increases joint mobility, boosts the cardiovascular system, and improves blood circulation. Mentally, horse back riding provides an active avenue for keeping your brain exercised. It stimulates sensory integration and improves visual perception of space. It also helps developing responsibility, patience, and self-discipline. Moreover, research has shown that lifelong learning prevents memory loss, and even the most experienced equestrian would admit there is always something new to learn about riding. Emotionally, riding is a great way of increases one’s self-confidence. For many people, a horse is a connection with nature, and many people find companionship and solace when walking with their horse. Many horse owners feel that in times of stress, a horse can be a quiet friend, who doesn’t judge.

With these benefits in mind, here are our mainstream market objectives. For communication objective, we plan to achieve 30% increase in awareness of horse riding benefits in general public of the United States over a 3-year period. For media objective, 50% of our primary target market will be reached once a month for the entire 3-year plan. For marketing objectives, we want to approach 30% increase in the trial rate of Point Two Vest to our target market and 15% increase in the total market share in our 3-year plan.


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