Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining,

Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining,BOOK DETAILS: Carroll, Michael R.and Cristina Heavrin, Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining, Tenth Edition, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, 2007. ISBN: 9780132730013

This assignment is drawn from Chapter Nine of both the Ninth and Tenth Editions of your textbook.
This paper was created to make it easy to write and easy to grade. The paper should be double spaced and about 1-1/1/2 pages in length. Accurate spelling, punctuation, proper sentence and paragraph construction are required. Submit the paper using the assignments tool.
Please complete this assignment by typing the questions as underlined headings and then typing your answers beneath the headings. Do not complete the assignment using the MSLA format. Simply type answers to the questions in your own words.
The paper will be penalized 15 points if you don’t use the headings listed below
Describe the key issues in an employee alcohol and drug testing program?
Why do you think an alcohol and drug testing program is needed?


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