Kankakee Knutson Valves case on “Team Spirit”

Kankakee Knutson Valves case on “Team Spirit” presents a case of an infective teamwork. Six months down the line, a team composing of Camille [computer support department], Martin [marketing], Prajesh [production], Simone [sales], and Ivanovich [inventory and logistics] have not accomplished much. After Bob Boston, the team initiator, realized in two months that, the team he assembled had not met, because, member has not known another and more so “no one wanted to step on anyone else’s toes by … calling the team together” he invited them in his office. After converging in Bob’s conference room, Camille, Martin and Simone expressed their desire to become the team leader after Bob preferred their own choice of leadership. None of them was willing to let go. Prajesh and Ivanovich, on the other hand, they do not care who assumes the leadership so long as they are not the one conferred with this responsibility. In addition, Prajesh does not care about the web; since, he does not see its importance in production department. Members are divided on the web use in the company, for instance, Ivanovich is on the view that the web should be used for suppliers and distributors; Martin and Simone, to contact customers; while, Camille wants the web to act as an information site. Camille is also committed in other projects; and thus, she is not willing to offer more to the team.


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