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The written report should be typed (times new roman 12; double-spaced) and should include the following:
· A cover page with the Title, Names of the Group Members, Course number and Date.
· An executive summary
· A brief history of each company (no more than a page for each company), the reasons for selecting them, and daily performance data.
· Use a fundamental approach in analyzing each company.
· Brief overall economic outlook
· Industry analysis
· Company analysis
· Ratio Analysis
· Valuation Model
· Earnings Valuation Model(s)
· Dividend Valuation Models
· Free Cash Flow
· Use technical analysis to determine the overall market conditions and the direction of the stock price of each company.
· Estimate the returns and risk of each individual security, and the correlation coefficient of the returns of the securities considered.
· Estimate the portfolio’s risk (beta and standard deviation) and required rate of return using CAPM.
· Estimate the portfolio’s actual annual rate of return for the holding period considered.
· Conclusion
· References
· Copies of the data used (when appropriate)
Also note:
· Upload the term project on Blackboard.
· Term projects will not be accepted unless they follow the instructions listed above.


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