International Research Journal of Applied Finance Volume.II

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ISSN 2229-6891 International Research Journal of Applied Finance Volume.II Issue.6 June 2011 Contents Testing for Seasonality in Option and Calendar Month: An Empirical Investigation on the US Major Index Components 590 -608 Rafiqul Bhuyan Determinants Influencing the Seasoned Equity Offerings: Private Placements vs Rights Issue 609 -621 Norhanim Dewa & Izani Ibrahim Effect on Security Prices and Volatility from Cross Listing within the GCC Markets 622 -630 Dr. Abraham, Abraham Cash Flow-Investment Sensitivity for Manufacturing Firms in America, Japan and Taiwan 631 -641 Feng-Li Lin & Jui-Ying, Hung Determinants of the ‘Decision to Finance’ in Micro Finance Institutions 642 -682 Prof. Fedhila Hassouna & Dr. Mehdi Mejdoub Cost of equity in emerging markets. Evidence from Romanian listed companies 683 -691 Costin Ciora Corporate Events’ Effect on Stock Returns: Evidence from Athens Stock Exchange 692 -715 Aristeidis Samitas, Dimitris Kenourgios & Ioannis Tsakalos
International Research Journal of Applied Finance ISSN 2229 – 6891 Vol – II Issue – 6 June, 2011 589 Call for Papers International Research Journal of Applied Finance (IRJAF) is a double blind peer-reviewed open access online journal. Every month a copy of IRJAF reaches faculty members in the areas of accounting, finance, and economics working in 70% of AACSB accredited Business Schools across the world. The journal provides a dedicated forum for Academicians, practitioners, policy makers and researchers working in the areas of finance, investment, accounting, and economics. The Editor of the Journal invites papers with theoretical research/conceptual work or applied research/applications on topics related to research, practice, and teaching in all subject areas of Finance, Accounting, Investments, Money, Banking and Economics. The original research papers and articles (not currently under review or published in other publications) will be considered for publication in International Research…


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