Integrated Management Systems – Case Study

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Master in Operations Management & Logistics
Case Study: BELTCON
Fecha: 02/07/2018 Nombre del docente: Javier Penelo Rivas

Calle Torroella de Montgrí 23 BJ, 08027 Barcelona, España Teléfono: +34 93 788 85 99
BELTCON BELTCON manufactures and markets thermoplastic conveyor belts (PVC – polyurethane – polyester – polyolefin and silicone), covering all applications (the whole range is divided into 10 product families classified by application type and conveyed product). Its competitiveness is based on three main elements:
 High quality of its products, and an optimum value for money
 A flat, highly flexible organization
 The shortest delivery times in the sector.
Founded in 1970, BELTCON has a significant international presence, exporting 75% of its product to over 70 different countries. The company headquarters is located in Sabadell (Barcelona) and contains, in addition to general management and administration offices, the engineering department and a production plant with 100 operators. The company has a long and successful experience working with independent distributors, who are able to provide local 24-hour service. The combination of BELTCON competitiveness and its unequaled emphasis on services, as well as its expert knowledge of applications has enabled the company systematically to grow at a rate well over the worldwide market average.
1. Quality System The company has built its own Quality System (as mentioned, Quality is one of the most important subjects for Management), but the whole system is a focus on controlling product quality and not in process management and/or continuous improvement. They control product specifications through checklists and other records, and there are some indicators in place (such as internal rejects or customer complaints) but not well structured. Management has realized that the organization needs to go further, and decided to implement a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015, and so asked an external consultant (you) to help in that process.

Calle Torroella de Montgrí 23 BJ, 08027 Barcelona, España Teléfono: +34 93 788 85 99
2. Questions The first step is to identify which are the main processes to be included in the Organization Process Map and their definition, so, as a consultant expert in Quality Systems you must: a) Identify the main processes within the organization. Please include a
short definition of activities involved. Don’t forget those related to customers
and to the context of the organization.
b) Build the BELTCON Process Map. In this process map, you should show
the interrelationship between the different processes identified.
c) Define one of the main processes. Remember the different elements
needed to define a process.
You can make the assumptions you need about the company operations. Please explain your reasons, assumptions, pros, and cons…


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