identifying problems and offering solutions

Problem-Solution Essay Assignment

While the world’s increasing interconnectivity provides many people with opportunities that would never have been possible 30 or 40 years ago, the interconnectivity can also cause a lot of problems. From climate change to overpopulation and famine. Problems can be globally minded (i.e. climate change) or they can be locally minded (i.e a town may have an infastructure problem — too much traffic or roads in need of repair but no funds to fix them). It is important to be able to analyze world problems as you become fully-fledged adults. In addition to analyzing problems, you should be able to offer solutions

For this essay you will write a problem-solution essay in which you do 4 things:

1)  Identify and define a problem either in the world, your hometown, your school, etc.

2)  Convince the reader that the problem is actually a problem

3)  Identify and define at least 2 solutions for the problem

4) Anticipate a rebuttal and respond or refute the rebuttal

In this way, you are making an arguments.

You are arguing for solving a problem and for at least 2 solutions.


Your thesis statement should include the problem and the point to the proposed solutions.


You will write a 5 – 8 page essay

You will examine a viable problem from a hometown perspective, local perspective, school perspective, or global perspective.

You must clearly state the problem and provide adequate background information.

You will include a thesis that will include the problem and point to the proposed solution.

You will break this essay up into sections and label them. 1. Introduction, 2. The problem, 3. The Solution, 4. The Rebuttal, 5. Conclusion

You must have at least 3 scholarly sources that you cite  in MLA Format (in-text citations and a Works Cited page)–one of which must be a peer-reviewed database source.

You must use college level grammar, vocabulary, and mechanics


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