Harley-Davidson Inc Company

Nature of the company
This company was founded in 1903. Its operations are based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company deals in the production and selling of heavyweight motorcycles, offers motorcycle parts, accessories and other related services. The company operates in two segments including financial services as one segment and motorcycles and related parts as the second segment. In the later segment, the company engages in designing, manufacturing, selling of primary heavyweight cruisers and the touring motorcycles in Northern America, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, and the Asia pacific and in Africa. Furthermore, the company offers lines of motorcycle parts and accessories consisting of replacements of parts, cosmetic and mechanical accessories such as riding gears, apparels and other related products and services. The segment also deals in manufacturing of five families of motorcycles namely; Dyna, Touring, Softail, VRSC and Sportster. On the other hand the financial services segment of the company provides both retail and wholesale financing, insurance services and other insurance related services and programs to its consumers in Canada and United States. These services include provision of loans and other incentives to facilitate purchase of new products or motorcycles from the company and other spare parts offered by the company. The products of Harley Davidson are sold to their consumers through independent dealers and distributors distributed in various localities in which the company products are supplied.


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