guerrilla marketing campaign

Am unit Viii journal

Marketing Discipline
Columbia Southern University
The agency Scholz & Friends, Berlin
This is a job recruitment agency in berlin. This company’s job is connect people to job opportunities at a fee. Just like any other business, there abound the need for marketing in order to ensure the success of the business. Since nearly every operation ranging from registration of members to hiring is done online, nearly all their marketing is done digitally in the form of ads. Their ads have received a very high accolade in the recent past. They have been ranked the best in the recent past. Definitely, this campaigned ad has been effective and efficient not only in passing the intended message but also promoting the need to find better jobs.
One of the best guerrilla marketing campaign is “Life’s too short for the wrong job.” This ad has received made this company has enabled the company to win many awards. What makes this ad interesting is that it has employed the right tactics in evoking people to break out of their mold and find their perfect jobs (Keller, 2009). This marketing campaign is effective and efficient and addresses critical issues which people face in their workplaces such as working hard inside crammed spaces. Because of the creativity that was used in the designing of this marketing campaign, it has some powerful visual and cognitive effects on the lives of the audience as it was purported to be (Dobele, Toleman, & Beverland, 2005). Just like any other campaign ad, they are effective and efficient in influencing the audience. Because of the creativity employed in the marketing campaign, this ad has become one of the most successful.
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Keller, K. L. (2009). Building strong brands in a modern marketing communications environment. Journal of marketing communications15(2-3), 139-155.

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