Go green

Recently, the go green campaign has become one of the most discussed topics globally. The concept of Go Green deals with the awareness of the different things that contribute to a deteriorating environment. These include the various pollutions of air and water as well as the green house gas emission. The major challenge is the emission of green house gases that has led to global warming. Go green campaign can now be considered as a culture in the United States and at various universities across the country. The main aim of this campaign is to create awareness among people in different countries to protect and conserve the environment. In the US there are so many Environmental organizations that are engaged in this campaign (Eilperin 56). The majority of the universities are engaged in research works as well as public education on this particular topic. The US government has also offered support for the go green campaign. Some public figures in the US government have already shown interest in supporting this campaign. Two years ago, the Washington post reported a more than three hundred million dollar go green campaign by the Former Vice President Al Gore. This was to serve as public mobilization to reduce the emission of Green house gases. Also in the last presidential campaigns all the presidential candidates had endorsed federal laws to limit the emission of greenhouse gasses. The three presidential candidates held discussions with Gore on global warming (Eilperin 17).


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