Free Offer for more than Twelve Credits

Free Offer for more than Twelve Credits


By the university council agreeing on having to implement the condition that every student who takes more than twelve credits ought to be granted the rest of the credits (upto eighteen which is the maximum number of units) for free, the university is likely to reap lots of advantages. It is a known condition by the university’s regulations that every student ought to have registered a minimum of twelve credits. This condition is being faced by a lot of conditions especially in the world today where diversity and flexibility is becoming the order of the day. Putting in mind hat the generation being taught in the university today is very different from the one that involved our fathers, it is imperative that the university takes pride in bending its rules so as to accommodate the changing times.

Most of the students in the global world today are faced with a lot of distractions away form the normal academic commitment in school and it is in this regard that it is becoming very difficult for students to voluntarily register more unites from the minimum number placed. Due to early entry into the career, many students are lured into making the normal academic work become more of a part time activity which is making it even harder for the students to effectively compete in the minimum credits leave alone registering more or bonus credits. It is in this breath that this paper critically analyzes some of the strategic reasons as to why the university administration ought to have the policy implemented so that more students are extrinsically motivated towards registering more than the minimum number of units.


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