Finance and Accounting “AstraZeneca’s Acquisiton of Shire Plc”.

Finance and Accounting “AstraZeneca’s Acquisiton of Shire Plc”.


Project description
The name of the companies are “AstraZeneca Plc” and “Shire Plc”.
The context of the question is “AstraZeneca’s Acquisiton of Shire Plc”.

For the discussion part, please focus on strategic fit, regulatory issues and post-acquisition issues. Calculations are needed for an shareholders value analysis (SVA) model as well.

This question asks to analyse the acquisition of these 2 companies. It asks to discuss both companies and the strategic fit, regulatory issues that they may face and the post acquisition issues. The researcher should analyse everything for each company, such as products, customers, strategies, profits etc and then say if they can create value.

ps: if the researched can do it : A SVA model is needed to predict the profits or the value. The 2 presentation slides attached are helpful.



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