Factors Underlying Energy Crisis in USA

America is experiencing the worst crisis in energy supply that is projected to last for the next two decades if the critical issues facing this challenge are not addressed. This problem would threaten the economic prosperity of the nation and would affect people’s lifestyle. Since the 20th century, the U.S. government has been constantly concerned with energy than any other nation in the world, but the current energy outlook portrays a different picture. The nation has always been concerned with sufficient energy supply, affordable energy for all citizens, environment conservation techniques of energy production, research into production of reliable renewable energy, and energy conservation (James Everett Katz 175). Despite efforts to deal with this energy crisis currently facing the nation, little progress has been achieved. The cause of this crisis is that country has formulated very many policies and plans for the energy sector and this has sunk the government into a crisis of confusion about which policy comes first. USA energy crisis has developed from the consequences of conflicting energy plans and policies due to lack of grand plan to implement them. For instance, development of renewable energy sources to conserve the environment and the need to boost the local supplies of oil, coal, and natural gas to meet the current ever-increasing demand (Mary M. Timney 17). Another conflict involves, the need to promote production by deregulating energy production and energy supply and protection of the consumers from high prices by regulating the retail prices. Lastly, there is need to conserve government’s treasured land and the need for more land to drill and produce energy on the other hand.


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