Evaluate a printed or electronic advertisement in an effort to encourage the student to become a more critical consumer.

  • Is the use of this product supported by scientific evidence? If so, are there any conflicting results among various studies? Do the subjects’ age, health condition; fitness level, etc. match those for whom the ad is directed? Were there limitations and/or flaws in these studies? Describe the studies, as appropriate, to defend your statements and give evidence for or against the claims made in the ad.
  • What, if any, contribution would the consumption of the product make to the nutrient intake, physique, or fitness level of the intended consumer?
  • Could some less expensive product be used to obtain the same results?
  • What hazards/adverse effects might be associated with the use of this product? Are there any conditions (e.g., medical, age-related) that would contraindicate the use of the product?

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