Encore International

Integrative Case 3: Encore International
In the world of
trendsetting fashion, instinct and marketing savvy are prerequisites to
success. Jordan Ellis had both. During 2012, his international
casual-wear company, Encore, rocketed to $300 million in sales after 10
years in business. His fashion line covered the young woman from head to
toe with hats, sweaters, dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, sweatshirts,
socks, and shoes. In Manhattan, there was an Encore shop every five or
six blocks, each featuring a different color. Some shops showed the
entire line in mauve, and others featured it in canary yellow.
to the conservative securities analysts, Jordan Ellis felt that the
company could maintain a constant annual growth rate in dividends per
share of 6% in the future, or possibly 8% for the next 2 years and 6%
thereafter. Ellis based his estimates on an established longterm
expansion plan into European and Latin American markets. Venturing into
these markets
was expected to cause the risk of the firm, as measured by beta, to increase immediately from 8.8% to 10%.
Data Item 2012
Earning Per Share $6.25
Price per share of common stock $40.00
Book value of common stock equity $60,000,000
Total common shares outstanding 2,500,000
Common stock dividend per share $4.00
a. What is the firm’s current book value per share?
b. What is the firm’s current P/E ratio?
Compare the current(2012) price of the stock and the stock values found
in parts a, d, and e. Discuss why these values may differ. Which
valuation method do you believe most clearly represents the true value
of the Encore stock?


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