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Hi, I am required to make a research paper for my business organization and behavior class. Here is the description given from my professor:

Paper and Presentation:
Students will write a research paper on an issue or topic of their choice. The research for the paper must contain a minimum of 6 journal articles. The instructor will approve the topic. In aIDition to the topic students will develop a “research question” that will help focus the point of view of the paper. Students will submit their bibliography earlier than the paper to ensure students are on track. Students will include the name of the research guide they are using when handing in the bibliography. The paper will be typed, double-spaced, have one-inch margins, a font size of 12, and will contain a minimum of 8 pages of text. Only hard copies will be accepted – papers are not to be emailed. Papers are to have a paper clip only – no plastic covers etc. This is a research paper and therefore must be written in a professional manner – avoid using a “conversational tone” while writing. Do not use our textbook. Do not use case studies. Do not use personal stories or hypothetical scenarios.
Students will choose a “research methodology” book to use as a guide for writing the bibliography, citing quotations, and generally organizing the logistics of a research paper. You may use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association or any other research guide that you prefer. This paper requires library research using substantive journal articles. 80% of the paper must derive from academic journals. You may use the Internet and “pop” articles for the remaining 20% of the paper (See “Research Guide” handout).
Once students have completed their papers, students will prepare an in-class presentation on their chosen topic. The idea is that each student’s expertise on a particular area of interest will be shared with the rest of the class.

I have chosen to write a paper based on Emotional Intelligence in Decision Making. We need to do a research paper that shows what the impacts of emotional intelligence are on decision making and explore the benefits of emotional intelligence on the performance of employees, leadership and organization as a whole. However, we are not able to use any available sources out there since we are only able use the pre-approved sources that were previously given to the professor in a form of bibliography. I will attach the bibliography as a reference to use the sources. Only those sources in the bibliography are allowed to be used.

I am a student of NYU and you can login into my NYU account to access for the sources.

Here is the instruction to gain access for the sources:

1.) go to http://library.nyu.edu/
2.) click data bases a to z
3.) below that ^ click all data bases a to z
4.) go to B – business… EBSCO
then you click the tourch to log in, if your not already logged in
5.) then before typing anything, look down and check off peer reviewed
6.) then go back to the top and type in keywords
7.) then go through articles find ones you think are good
8.) when you find ones are good, go to the side and click push to easy bib

Make sure to input emotional intelligence and decision making when you type in the key words. And look for the sources that are specified in the bibliography. My login ID is ejw335 and pass is EZnyu5879.

Good luck and thank you. I apologize for the long instructions. Please let me know if you have any question.


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