Drug reasearch paper: Hallucinogens

Description(.orgs, .gov, edu-web sites -> references)
A. An Introduction: include the history, what was the original purpose for enhancing health and some statistics about current use
B. How are they used today? List the common drugs in the category which you will be covering. How are they used today.
C.The various forms and pharmacology: What are the methods of administration, doses and purity of available forms, What is the threshold dose, plateau dose if one? Does it come in pill, liquid etc?
D.The effects: What are the effects on the body and mind while under the of the drug, the average length of dose response, and what part of the brain is affected. What neurotransmitters are most impacted. What is the margin of safety, potency, toxicity, half-life for each of the main drugs in this group.
E.The side effects: (acute and chronic) and the long term risks of chronic use ON THE BODY AND MIND. Describe the treatment methods used for addiction if any.
F.Reference list


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