Digital Literacy

Field: Information Systems homework help
During Week 2, you chose a career interest topic and created your  project plan. This week’s assignment is to conduct research to locate,  identify and carefully vet at least three (3) credible sources.  Reviewing the directions for the Week 7 assignment now will be helpful  before you begin to research.
In the Week 3 lesson, you read about Location and Access, the third  step of the Big 6 research model. Essentially, this step helps you find  and select the most relevant sources that support your project topic.  Instead of randomly choosing a source that could work, select the best  possible source from those available using the evaluation process  presented in the Weeks 2 and 3 lessons. You will share your scholarly  sources and write a robust summary as you complete the Source  Organization Worksheet template.
Requirements for the Source Organization worksheet include: ·
· Download the template here: Source Organization Worksheet Template (in Word) or
· One (1) source must be scholarly, peer-reviewed and from the Trefrey library
· Other sources must be credible and appropriate for college research
· Robust source summaries must include  an explanation of the contents of the source and the relevance of the  source to your project’s topic.
· In the document complete Part I, explain the process of locating your sources and Part II the source information.

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