Critically Appraisle the analysis


Business executive are always looking for ways through which they can; develop products that satisfy the needs of the customers, improve quality and productivity, get rid of cost redundancies, and develop sound business decisions (Drucker, 1995). For businesses to accomplish the above needs business executive have realized that there is need to have the knowledge asset of an organization not only preserved but also made available to all player across the organization (Drucker, 1995). This is precisely what knowledge management is all about – a way of capturing whatever know-how that is in possession of the organization and ensuring that information, data, expertise, or knowledge is not only available but is also applied where it is required (Tonningen, 2000). Knowledge is as such an important asset to an organization in that today it is almost single-handedly capable of giving a business entity a competitive advantage (Tonningen, 2000).  In spite of it importance knowledge management has its own challenges, one of which has to do with its distribution and variety of forms that it exists. Another challenge that exist in knowledge management has to do with fact that past learning experiences that were gotten before KM system was conceptualized were not captured and summarised, something that makes its re-use cumbersome if not impossible. There is also the lack of documentation of tacit knowledge that resides in people minds which therefore makes it extremely hard to share it with the rest of the people.


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