criminal justice trends evaluation

Here is the assignmentst have this also  I require an Abstract for all papers Follow APA guidelines for the Abstract. 

2. Your paper must have an introductory statement in the Introduction such as: This paper will discuss……and then identify your topics of discussion.



Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation

Write a 1500 word paper in which you select 3 trends (one past, present, and future trend) of the criminal justice system. Discuss and evaluate each trend. In your assessment, be sure to discuss the following:


·        Contemporary issues affecting the criminal justice system today and how they were treated in the past and how they will be treated in the future. Use specific examples to explain.

·        The Value of the criminal justice system in a changing society. How have your selected trends impacted society? How does a criminal justice system benefit society?


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines and using a minimum of 4 academic references. In addition to other sources,  make sure you cite references from the week’s readings.


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