Create a narrated Power-Point in which you present your assigned patient and an analysis of the topic.

Discuss how you met the objectives for the course.
GI Pharm
Endocrinology 1
Endocrinology 2
Diuretics and Lipid
Cardiac Rhythm
Drugs affecting the CNS system:
Central Nervous Drugs Overview
University of Hawaii: Excellent pharmacology lecture series. Dr. Farmer is engaging and great at breaking down complicated topics.
University of Hawaii: Neurotransmission
University of Hawaii: Histamine, 5HT Ergot Alkalines
University of Hawaii: CNS Pharmacology-1
University of Hawaii: CNS PHarmacology-2
University of Hawaii: ANS Pharmacology
I created powerpoint presentation on Parkinson disease case study, HTN case study and DM 2 case study.
Create a narrated Power-Point in which you present your assigned patient and an analysis of the topic.
Present a medical synopsis of your patient (see patient presentation tab). The medical synopsis of your patient should take no longer than 3-5 minutes and 2 or 3 slides of your presentation.
Continue with your case presentation and present a summary of the information considered with the case study questions in the Schwinghammer textbook. This questions provided in the case study book are meant to stimulate and guide your presentation. High quality presentations extend beyond just answering the case study questions. These high quality presentations reflect current evidence-based practice, pathophysiology of the disease, and the pathophysiology of the pharmacologic treatment including a discussion of the mechanism of action for all potential pharmacologic therapies and the expected response and follow-up for your pharmacotherapeutic selections.
Bring your particular patient back into your discussion and case progression.
You who may opt to limit your presentation to covering just the text questions from the case study book, however the maximum point value for doing so is up to 50% of the assignment grade.
Support your work with current high level evidence from literature. Do not use sources such as Medscape, Uptodate, WebMD, or any patient information sites. It is acceptable to use your course textbooks for evidence, however you are also required to use a minimum of three high level research sources outside of your course textbooks. All citations must be within the last 5 years.
Your narrated Power-Point presentation is limited to 20 minutes and should include 15-20 slides which includes your reference list. Your slides should support your narrated presentation. Do not read the slides to the audience as the main format of your presentation.
Use APA format when with regards to your citations both in-text and in a reference list.
These case studies are time intensive, and reflect high level scholarly work. Do not wait to begin working on your case


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