Consultancy: Executing Successful Projects

Consultancy in business perspective is a process, which a client (e.g. business owner) invites a consultant to assist in solving business related issues (Huffington and Brunning, 1994 p.13). In this case the our client is a business company that owns a chain of stores in England, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and Germany wants assistance in developing an IT program that would consolidate its operation, serve their mutual needs, and attract buyers. The IT project is good and workable, but in consultancy, project shocks should be analyzed before initiating any project. Project shocks are occurrences that unexpectedly affect the successful fulfillment of the consultancy project. The effect of the project can interfere with the anticipated results or knock off the whole project. In this IT system change project, there are indications that projects shock would occur in the course of consultancy. This is because the project requires the third level of intimacy that greatly depends on the availability and commitment of the client’s team.


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