Conflict Resolution University



            The University of London has for along time been regarded as one of the leading universities in the UK and Europe at large. It offers learning opportunities to both local and international students in different disciplines. The mission statement and the specific objectives of any university are instrumental in propelling institutions of higher learning to great heights. Most of the outlined objectives in colleges are not put into consideration and so they do not meet their goals. The mission statement of university of London is all inclusive outlining the various objectives of the university that it seeks to achieve in course of its discharge of responsibilities in making education available to all, regardless of the religious or social background of the students. The principle aim of establishing any institution of higher learning is the provision and churning out of graduates that are all round shaped and able to adopt and work in all areas of life. This is the dream of any institution to get accreditations all over the globe through their students that are competent and can work internationally.

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