Conflict Resolution in Complex Humanitarian Crises



Course Description: This unique, hands-on class is designed to simulate a humanitarian crisis and create the learning environment where participants actively practice and demonstrate the skills needed to lead through a crisis. Students will deploy to a fictional, war-torn country. By assuming a series of roles and responsibilities, students together seek to formulate and implement strategies and interventions for managing a disaster in a “lived” scenario. The students experience common obstacles, disputes, and challenges that must be proactively aIDressed and resolved as the exercise unfolds.


Learning Objectives: Students will

• learn the skills and expertise needed to be a Conflict Resolution Professional who is working with and serving others under emergency conditions.

• come to understand the varied issues of disaster relief and humanitarian assistance.

• practice how to prevent or alleviate human suffering through the simulation of many facets of disaster operations.

• learn to analyze a multitude of interests, political concerns, and international and domestic issues. Students will understand and practice the skills of negotiating, mediating, organizing, and providing disaster relief services.

• Conduct a self-reflective analysis of the role of the Conflict Resolution Professional in a humanitarian crisis and analyze how practitioners can work better with others to design strategic plans for controlling violence and resolving conflict.


Class Topics:

Class 1- Introduction & Anatomy of a Crisis: Narratives, Framing & Meaning Making

Class 2- Who Should Intervene and How

Class 3- How Does One Prepare?

Class 4- Field training exercise

Class 5- How Do We Measure Resiliency & How Do We Capture

Learning from the Last Disaster?



Assignment: Please select a domestic or international disaster and analyze it from any perspective you prefer, e.g., environmental, media coverage, economic issues, leadership issues, etc. You may also select an issue and compare two different disasters. The role of conflict analysis and resolution must figure prominently in your research and analysis. Your paper should reflect your own thoughts and analysis. Most papers will be around 10-15 pages long (double spaced). Please provide a clear statement of your thesis and highlight it within your paper.


Instructions for this order:


For this order, you are to write a full 12page term/research paper according to the assignment indicated above. The topic of your paper is focused on the impact of disasters caused by earthquakes and volcanoes in Indonesia. SEE ATTACHED DOC. “PROPOSAL” you may still need to select an specific natural disaster of Indonesia to comply with the assignment requirements.


This paper is a conflict analysis and resolution focus writing paper, which means that it is important to only draw out the most important things and not spend too much time in going around in circles to get to a point. Also, the last section of your paper must be composed of a “Recommendations”.


Also Provide specific examples to elaborate your arguments, provide an in depth analysis by relating it to the course readings/concepts, and finally, tie it all together into one concise research paper that is easy for your readers to understand. **See Attached “course reading”




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